“Mr. Mitchell was outstanding during our purchasing process. His determination, knowledge and work ethic were extraordinary. When we would hit a road block Mr. Mitchell knew exactly who to contact to get things moving in the right direction again. I would strongly recommend Treasure Real Estate".

Benjamin Simmons III

"I am very fortunate in life and business to have met Cheryl Mitchell. She combines an outstanding personality with unquestionable professionalism. I have had the pleasure of fellowshipping with her for years. She brokered a few deals for me. Cheryl is very well mannered, cordial, and open to people and their problems. She is extremely reliable, empathetic and willing to help in difficult circumstances. Her personal qualities make her professional work remarkable. Cheryl has worked in real estate for years and is undoubtedly an experienced professional with a thorough knowledge of the specifics of this business. But rarely will you find a professional who crafts a transaction down to the smallest detail from start to finish. And, obviously, that's Treasure Real Estate's style of work.

What's remarkable about Cheryl is the way she treats her clients - respectful, caring, responsible and honest. That's why Cheryl is very effective. Without a doubt, Cheryl Mitchell is the professional you need for any type of real estate transaction in the Bahamas".

Elena Prevalsky

French Version:

je suis tres heureuse de pouvoir recommander Matthew Mitchell a quiconque qui aurait besoin d un agent immobilier "agreable, motive ,efficace et surtout avec un sens aigu de l'urgence".

le savoir faire de Matthew vous sera certainement utile pour une transaction en douceur

Je peux vraiment dire que Matthew a été très proactif avant, pendant et après l'achat de ma résidence.
C'est un professionnel rare et ponctuel aux Bahamas

Il est honnête dans ses transactions immobilières et supervisera tout ce qui est nécessaire pour un conpromis d achat ou de vente en douceur. Vous ne serez pas déçu si vous décidez de retenir ses services.

Toutes mes questions ont reçu une réponse dans l'heure qui a suivi, sinon la minute suivante.
Étant moi-même courtier immobilier, il est rare de trouver de telles qualités.

je reste a votre disposition si vous souhaitez me contacter et je me ferai un plaisir de vous recommander Matthew de vive voix

Sophie Amiache


English Version:

"I can truly say that Matthew Mitchell was very proactive before, during and after the purchase of my residence. I highly recommend him to anyone. He is a rare and timely professional in the Bahamas with a keen sense of urgency.

He is honest in his real estate dealings and will oversee all necessary for a smooth closing. You will not be disappointed if you decide to retain his services.

All of my questions were answered within an hour of being raised, if not the next minute. As a real estate Broker myself, it is rare to find such qualities.

Treasure Real Estate is really good at what they do."

Sophie Amiache

"Cheryl was phenomenal! Throughout my entire process; purchase and sale, Cheryl displayed a high degree of commitment, motivation and engagement. She was very supportive and is very knowledgeable about the real estate market.

Her responsiveness and professionalism are very highly above par.

Without reservation, I recommend Cheryl and Treasure Real Estate for all of your real estate needs"....."they are second to none".

Sonia Willie

Nassau, Bahamas
"After owning property and enjoying the Bahamas for 25 years, bittersweet, but time to sell. We were thrilled to be put in contact with Matthew and Cheryl Mitchell at Treasure Real Estate.

They are both very knowledgeable in the market, committed and motivated to sell your home or find one for you. We enjoyed meeting and working with them, they did a fantastic job.

We highly recommend Treasure Real Estate, You will be impressed."

Maury and Martha Teitelbaum

Troutdale, VA USA
"Having lived on the island of Nassau in the Bahamas for 30 years, I came to understand the Bahamian people, however, it is not until you have to do business with them, that the thoughts of white sands and all this offers can often turn to quick sand.

I was saved by Matthew and Cheryl Mittchell of Treasure Real Estate . They understood the need for patience and deep diplomacy. Please do not expect anything to be done in a hurry, it will take time. The term laid back really comes into its own in the Bahamas. But thank heavens for the Treasure Real Estate Company. They were first class, every little detail was taken care of, you were kept informed daily and even if there was nothing to report they would check in. They use FIRST WORLD THINKING in a third world market place and they get things done. I don't think Matthew slept. He seems to be on the computer day and night.

If you are thinking of buying in the Bahamas go through them. If you are thinking of selling go through them. THEY ARE THE BEST in the Bahamas."

Zena Burland


Devon England
"Cheryl and Matthew Mitchell should be named most valuable real estate players in the Bahamas. They did a first class job by understanding and finding our property according to our needs at Caves Heights, and have since then taken care of everything we have asked them to do, solving all kind of issues. We would like to recommend their personal and professional involvement to anyone who is seeking to buy or sell a property in the Bahamas."

Heidi & Andres Meyer

Buenos Aires, Argentina
"Very hard to find a more motivated, energetic and detail-oriented buyer’s-or-seller’s agent in the Bahamas than Matthew Mitchell. Our project included an existing home purchase as well as the new construction of an airport building. Matthew jumped right into both of these complex situations with both feet and took it to be his personal mission to navigate the maze of “da Bahamas” to get what looked like the impossible done. We literally could not have been successful without him.

A word about motivation and energy: You won’t find anyone to top Matthew’s stick-to-it-ness and communication skills. Not a day went by (including holidays/weekends) where Matthew didn’t keep us apprised of progress and was there for our Family Island site visit(s) and tours. The time he put in was over the top. Plus, Matthew constantly did "more" – beyond the mere scope of a home acquisition and certainly not required – to help us learn about the Bahamas and work through the learning curve.

Choose your agent carefully. Any Bahamas real estate firm can provide listings. But only Matthew and Cheryl Mitchell’s Treasure Real Estate provides the real win via added value, tremendous ability to get it done, and Bahamas knowledge. You will be glad you chose to work with them.

If you wish to communicate with my wife and I about our recommendation of Matthew & Cheryl Mitchell and Treasure Real Estate, please free to do so and ask them to put you in touch with us and they will be happy to do so."

Christa & Brad Wolansky

Massachusetts, USA
Fernandez Bay, Cat Island, Bahamas