Serenity is comprised of II phases. It is a single and multifamily residential “gated” neighborhood located in western New Providence within a 5 mile radius of the luxurious communities of Lyford Cay, Old Fort Bay and Albany. Its demographic is middle to upper income professionals.

Treasure Real Estate is authorized by Serenity’s developer, Solomon Brothers, Limited, to sell lots on their behalf. To obtain more information about Serenity and an idea of its uniqueness, including tennis and basketball courts, gym, community pool, state of the art club house, highly qualified security team on duty 24/7 etc. and the standard(s) it sets,

Serenity’s developers have paid attention to detail and responded to the wish list of what its current and prospective residents requested as priorities.

It can be stated that as regards value for money, Serenity represents the best value for money when competitor lots are considered and compared.

Serenity’s property manager is talented and ensures that residents abide by the rules. Buying a home is a significant investment and the last thing a homeowner wants is a neighbor failing to comply with terms of occupancy, such as failure to pay dues or maintain property. There are consequences for non-compliance.

Cheryl, Treasure Real Estate’s Broker, has worked with Solomon Brothers, Limited for many years and sold numerous lots. At your convenience, we welcome you to give Cheryl or any team member a call to assist your speedy acquisition of a lot in what really is the best value for money when compared to competitor lots on the market in the Bahamas.

We look forward to hearing from you.